Logunov Institute for High Energy Physics (Protvino, Moscow region, Russia) of  National Research Centre "Kurchatov Institute" is organizing the XXXIII International (ONLINE) Workshop on High Energy Physics “Hard Problems of Hadron Physics:  Non-Perturbative QCD & Related Quests”, November 8-12, 2021.

The purpose of this Workshop is to highlight the most pressing problems in hadron physics associated with non-perturbative QCD, to get fresh information on progress in this field and to provide an active discussion both of results and problems.

To this end a 1-hour discussion session after each section of talks with a summary from the discussion leader will be arranged.

 Dear Colleagues,

We kindly ask you to submit the abstract of your talk (at least in a condensed form) via this web-page (or via e-mail, in case of problems).

This would help us to arrange the program and the corresponding discussions in advance.

Topics to be discussed

  • New Results in Hadron Spectroscopy
  • Non-Perturbative Methods for Soft Hadron Scattering
  • Quark-Gluon Matter at Finite Densities and Temperatures
  • Lattice Simulations for Hadron Phenomenology
  • Chiral Symmetry Breaking in Hadron Physics
  • Progress in the Confinement Problem
  • Rigorous Results in Gauge QFT

Wishes to speakers

  • As one can see from the program, our Workshop concerns various fields sometimes very different from each other, both conceptually and in technical terminology.
  • That is why we would like to avoid excessive diversification and to try to preserve to a certain extent the unity of the high energy physics community.
  • In this regard, we would like to ask all speakers, if possible, to kindly avoid, if possible, details that are understandable only to a narrow circle of deeply involved experts  and to make the presentation simpler and clearer (thus more interesting!)  to a wider circle of participants.
  • We also believe that it would be of great importance to give, at least in a concise way, the conceptual motivation of your subject.

   We are aware that this task can be rather difficult, so in no way the above wishes are mandatory and  every speaker is, certainly, free to deliver her/his talk according to  her/his own desire and convenience.

Wishes to discussion leaders

  • It is assumed that each session will end with a general discussion (near one hour).
  • The discussion is led by the discussion leader.
  • The first part is assumed to be devoted to additional questions which bear a conceptual character. It is meant that during the talk time only technical short questions not bearing a conceptual character are admitted.  This is regulated by the chairperson.
  • In the second part the discussion leader is asked to give a brief summary of the session's reports and a brief description of the most important unresolved problems related to the topic of the session.
  • The allocation of time for discussion and summary is  left to the discretion of the discussion leader.

Advisory committee

M. Arneodo   (INFN)
N. Brambilla (Tech.Univ. of Munich)
I. Dremin    (Ph.Inst. RAS) 
S. Giani     (CERN) 
L. Glozman   (Graz Univ.)
P. Grafström (CERN)
J. Greensite (San Francisco St.Univ.)
F. Karsch    (Bielefeld U.)
K.-I. Kondo  (Chiba Univ.)
A. Likhoded  (IHEP)
U. Meissner  (Bonn Univ.)
A. Nakamura  (Osaka Univ., FEFU)
R. Pisarski  (BNL)
E. Shuryak   (SUNY, Stony Brook)
O. Teryaev (JINR)
V. Zakharov  (ITEP)

Structure of the workshop

Two sessions with 4-5 invited talks of 30 (25'+5' for questions) minutes duration will be arranged every day. After each session one hour will be devoted to moderated open discussion.

The session summaries are envisaged to be placed jointly in the arXiv (hep-ph).

The talks will be recorded and uploaded on the internet.


  • November 12, 2021 - end of registration
  • November 1, 2021 - end of abstract submission
  • November 6, 2021 - end of presentation submission
  • November 8, 2021 - start of the Workshop   


Participation with talks is by invitation of the Organizing Committee.
In the case of a proactive request the decision is made by the Organizing Committee.

The sessions will be online by zoom. 

There is no registration fee.

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