Important Message

International Workshop on Emerging Trends in High Energy
and Condensed matter Physics

11-12, January, 2021
A. Virtual talk session etiquette

1. No questions will be allowed in between plenary sessions. Note

down your questions and ask at the end.

2. Use the chat window properly. Chat is allowed only between the
participant and the host/co-host. The host/co-host will pass the message

to the speaker if it is a question or try to solve it if it is an issue.

3. Use the raise hand feature to ask questions. Make the question

4. All sessions will be recorded.

5. If you have more questions/need to discuss with the speaker, you
can do so at a later time that is at the end of each session dedicated for

the group discussion.
B. Zoom

1.  The symposium will be held virtually using the ZOOM video con-
ferencing software. In order to ensure good experience during the confer-ence, we recommend participants, speakers and session chairs to down-load the latest version of ZOOM available for their operating system /platform.

2. Recording All the plenary sessions will be recorded. By registering
to the symposium, you agree that the sessions can be recorded.

3. Hosts and co-hosts Each session will have a host and a co-host.
The host ensures that the session runs smoothly.

4. Chairperson for each session will be the host for that session


C. Information for session chairs and speakers

1. Session chairs and speakers should join the meeting room 15 min
before the start of each session and ensure proper connection.

2. Session chairs are by default co-hosts of the session. They are
responsible for the introduction of speakers, time management and di-
rection of questions and answers.

3. Speakers should strictly stick to the time depending on the type of

D. Code of Conduct


A. Integrity

Organizers and participants will:

1. Follow ethics and intellectual honesty

2. Be fair and impartial.

3. Not resort to any act or omission intended to deceive others.

4. Respect privacy

5. Not misuse of authority or position

6. Avoid conflict of interest or situations that could be perceived as

B. Professionalism

Organizers and participants will:

1. Avoid arguments and conduct themselves professionally.2. Nurture a positive atmosphere which encourages free expression,
new ideas and knowledge sharing..

3. Not resort to harassment in any form: verbal, non-verbal, written
or physical.

C. Diversity

Organizers and participants will:

1. Treat others with courtesy and respect.

2. Act politely and refrain from discrimination in all forms

3. Respect, appreciate and value differences, foster equality and pro-
mote collaboration.

4. Avoid and strongly discourage remarks or actions on the basis
of sex, age, religion, beliefs, nationality, culture, ethnicity, race, sexual
orientation, status, disability or family situation.

5. Tactfully avoid statements or actions not intended to be offensive
to another person or may be perceived as such.

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