Discussion leaders


QCD under extreme conditions, Phases of Quark/Baryon Matter

Session Discussion leader
 Strong-interacting matter at finite temperature F. Karsch, Bielefeld U. 
 QCD phase diagram under strong external magnetic field I. Shovkovy, Arizona U.   
 QCD phase structure at non-zero baryon density G. Aarts, Swansea U. 
Phase diagram in the context of heavy-ion collisions E. Bratkovskaya, GSI 
 QCD phase diagram in astrophysics D. Blaschke, Wroclaw U. & JINR 
 Non-zero isospin density and meson condensation J. O. Andersen, NTNU 
 Theoretical ideas and experimental searches of the critical point K. Bugaev, BITP
 Effects of rotation in QCD phase diagram X.-G. Huang, Fudan U. 
 Anomalous transport phenomena and related issues: CME, CSC CVE, ... O. Teryaev, JINR
 Inhomogeneous phases in strongly interacting matter M. Buballa, Darmstadt U.
 Physics of Heavy quarks C. Lourenco, CERN; A. Luchinsky


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