QCD Phase Diagrams with Charge and Isospin Axes under Heavy-Ion Collision and Stellar Conditions


Prof. Veronica Dexheimer (Kent State University)


We investigate the phase transition from hadron to quark matter in the general case without the
assumption of chemical equilibrium. The effects of net strangeness on charge and isospin fractions,
chemical potentials, and temperature are studied in the context of the Chiral Mean Field (CMF)
model that incorporates chiral symmetry restoration and deconfinement. The extent to which
these quantities are probed during deconfinement in conditions expected to exist in protoneutron
stars, binary neutron-star mergers, and heavy-ion collisions is analyzed via the construction of 3-
dimensional phase diagrams.

Primary author

Prof. Veronica Dexheimer (Kent State University)

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